WEEK 10 – Blog Review and Technical errors


Since week one of this course, I had decided on a theme for my blog because I found it to be visually appealing, however, this week, after reviewing this assessment, I have decided to change my theme.

The theme I have selected is much simpler, cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. I had to consider the reader’s perspective and whether the information contained in my blog layout was easy to read and understand, making it more user-friendly.

It was evident, that a white background with dark font colour and san serif typeface helped to format my information in a clear and concise manner.

The white space gives my blog a cleaner look which is important when trying convey information. I also wanted to utilise the layout design to give the reader the ability to focus on the information and be less distracted by graphical content, therefore, I avoided using header images and bright colours.


The blog task requirement list provided was a great way to review my assessment and make adjustments where necessary. The list helped to identify many errors which I believe I have corrected and I have also made corrections using the feedback from fellow students which helped as well.

I am fairly confident that my assessment meets all blog requirements.


As a first year Digital Media student, this course structure is much different to the other three courses I am enrolled in, which focus more on video, design and animation.

I would have to say that media writing is certainly not one of my strongest skills and how any prior knowledge I had (since school) did not really help me in this assessment. I felt I needed to ‘start all over’ and this made me feel anxious at times.

This assessment has been very time consuming. The amount of tasks required each week, plus the study guide readings and extra resources, definitely put pressure on the other three courses I am enrolled in.

As I full time on-campus student and mother of two, this was a really difficult assessment. The only way I could overcome the amount of work required for this assessment were many late-nights/early mornings and an assessment extension (3 days only), so this was a great challenge.

The positive side is how the structure of this assessment is divided into weekly tasks, making it a little easier to complete.

Overall, I am pleased with the skills I have learnt and I hope to continue improving these skills in the future.


My main concern in this assessment was to correctly use apostrophes as plural or possessive. I had a little trouble answering a question about this in the punctuation quiz, therefore, I paid close attention to detail and corrected a few sentences where necessary.

After careful review of my blog posts on many occasions, I came across some ‘silly’ mistakes that I had inadvertently overlooked. This is due to skim-reading rather that proof-reading my work, as a result I noticed many errors which mainly consisted of lengthy sentences and punctuation errors.

The checklist, feedback from other students and my own efforts to recognise these mistakes, I was able to correct them accordingly.


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