WEEK 10 – Website Review

This week’s inquiry is to review a website, brochure or magazine. I have chosen to review the Bunnings Warehouse website, a leading retailer of home improvement products in Australia and New Zealand. I chose this site because I have made regular visits to this online store and to the actual store over the past few months, since the recent purchase of our first home.

According to Preece, Rogers and Sharp (2015), a top priority to website design is the graphical content, it’s what makes the website striking, usable, pleasing and distinctive on first recognition by the user.

The graphics used in the Bunnings website is visually appealing and immediately draws attention to the important aspects of the site’s context and imagery.

The website layout is aesthetically pleasing, allowing the user to easily navigate the site’s content making it user-friendly and enjoyable.

The logo is very effective by using custom font, which upon first glance depicts a ‘construction’ style typeface for obvious representation of the organisation and its products.

This website uses four main colours which include white, red, green and black. In Western cultures, green is considered as an environmental colour, red encourages impulsiveness and white is cleanliness (CQUniversity 2015). These colours are a good representation of the organisation’s status and indicative of what the organisation is trying to represent.

The body of the website uses san serif font, which has been applied to ensure the target audience finds the site’s text legible and clear. The use of white space around the graphics and text allows for easy navigation and accessibility of the site’s content,  it also makes for a more visually interesting read.

The site also shows good use of balance by distributing text information and graphics equally and evenly on the webpages. This makes it easier to read and again visually appealing.

Overall, this website’s design layout and visual content makes it very functional, effective and visually interesting which enhance’s the user’s overall experience. Such concepts are extremely important in any web design when using this type of medium to communicate to the target audience.


Bunnings Warehouse 2015, viewed 25 September 2015,  https://www.bunnings.com.au

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