WEEK 2 – Grammar Rules Quiz

After reading chapter 2 of Hicks, English for Journalists textbook, it was evident that I had simply under-estimated the term ‘grammar’ and the rules associated with it. My first quiz attempt was fair, a 9 out of 10 to be exact, however, after reviewing the question that I answered incorrectly, which was whether a sentence will always contain a subject and a verb, I began to realise that my basic knowledge of sentence structure since high school many years ago was exactly that – basic.

Although the questions were not difficult, suffice to say that I reverted back to the textbook more than once, meant that I had somewhat a better understanding of the grammar rules and the purpose of which they are applied in language. My second attempt was great, scoring 100% – which was expected after reviewing the correct answers with the questions I had answered incorrectly, moreover, I would prefer to extend my basic knowledge of sentence structure and the parts of speech as these are vital elements in media writing.


WEEK 2 – Trendsmap

This week’s activity was to look at the way Twitter is used within the media and source the top Twitter trends on any particular day by reviewing Trendsmap (trendsmap.com).

Today is the commencement date of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Conference 2015 which has certainly been a very strong trending topic in Trendsmap via the media product Twitter.

Some of the current trending tags have included:


Image source: http://trendsmap.com/

Over 2,000 people are expected to attend the event this weekend involving party delegates, union members and supporters who will debate on topics such as climate policy, asylum seekers and marriage equality as well as many others.

This event has become a ‘hot topic’ and has created a whirl of trending tags and tweets across Australia.

Newspapers, radio shows, broadcasters and other local media organisations have utilised and tagged links via their twitter accounts to promote, observe and comment in relation to this event.

Members of the public have also taken the opportunity to state their views and opinions on the event and the topics in question.

Examples of tweets being used by organisations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News and Channel 9 News have used Twitter to publicly inform followers of a key issue which will be discussed at the conference.

Because organisations are using twitter to promote and inform users and people within the media realm on such events and issues of importance, Twitter has become a highly useful resource because it reaches a wider audience directly and instantly.

Furthermore, the extensive and sometimes bold use of headlines ‘grabs’ the user’s attention whilst links and tags within a tweet prompts users to seek further information on related issues.

Week 1 – Different Purpose/Different Writing

This week’s inquiry was to review and compare three articles how they are presented in different ways (CQU 2015). These articles are based on the National Rugby League (NRL) team the Gold Coast Titans and although each story remains the same, each media communication type presents it in different ways. The objectives were to consider the audience, key messages and angles within each article.


Image source: www.abc.net.au

The stories included are:

League Statement – NRL

It is evident that this article’s targeted audience are the fans, supporters and sponsors of the Titans team and club. The angle is to inform and reassure the concerned supporters that the current and future prospects of the club remain secure. National Rugby League (NRL) chief executive Dave Smith carefully presents to appease concerns associated with the clubs ownership, financial obligations and other issues facing and affecting the club’s status.

Smith clearly states that “Titan fans…will have the security of knowing their team has a long term future on the Gold Coast”, this positive and optimistic outlook aims at convincing fans and sponsors of a viable and stable future for the club. However, Smith later mentions of other issues lay ahead but fails to advise these other issues and when these would take place, this now leaves the audience questioning whether the current situation of the club is in fact viable and stable.

News Story – Gold Coast Bulletin                                                   

This article immediately draws the attention of its audience by its bold and compelling headline which states “CEO Dave Smith convinces the code’s boss to save the embattled club just weeks before it folded” (Meyn 2015). Appealing to the supporters and representatives of the Titans, the article further incorporates slanted views such as ‘crippling financial commitments’ which entices the reader at the beginning by intensifying such views descriptively to prompt an interesting read. This article is designed to grab the attention of the audience immediately before presenting actual information relevant to the purpose.

It goes on to describe that despite the clubs ‘set-backs’ including the drug allegations, the fans can be assured that the club will be one to be proud of . Smith states “What this does is it says to everybody out there that we are committed to the fans”, again refers to the fans that the board and club representatives are acting in the best interest of the club which is warranted by incorporating quotes from such members. `

Press Conference – ABC

The content of this article accurately describes what has been done to resolve the issues that have confronted the Titans, the most evident issue being the alleged drug scandal and in addition the clubs financial obligations. It includes positive quotes from members of the board for the intended purpose of easing and reassuring fans, as well as, informing and confirming the clubs current and future position in the NRL.

The factual information provided by the ABC is neutral and has been delivered in way that is direct which provides validity and clarity to the audience. Smith’s response to the drug scandal is professional and has quoted, “As facts emerge we will know more … and we will take the decisions we need to”, again advising the fans, sponsors and other public members that by no means will these concerns impede the future of the club and its main focus for security and stability.


ABC News 2015, ‘Gold Coast Titans taken over by NRL, placed in voluntary administration after drugs scandal’, 24th February, viewed 18th July 2015, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-24/nrl-takes-over-control-of-gold-coast-titans-amid-drugs-scandal/6247574

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Week 1 – Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Kelly and I am a mature-aged first year Digital Media student at Central Queensland University (CQU) and currently studying full-time as an internal student at the North Rockhampton campus. After completing the STEPS program in 2014; an adult tertiary preparation program offered at CQU, I decided to enrol in this degree with the hopes of obtaining a career in the creative and technical industry.

I initially came into this degree with the mindset of becoming a graphic designer, however, I am thoroughly enjoying the many other courses I have been studying which has prompted other interests that I may pursue.

This course will certainly provide the necessary tools and skills that will be beneficial in my degree no matter which disciplinary field I decide to choose in the digital media program.

I look forward to improving my communication skills and most importantly my writing skills as both sets are essential to communicating in this digital age.

Thank you.